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We are so thankful for all the support we have in order to produce this event! Proceeds will go to charity, and so we need as much support as possible in order to give as much as possible.

If you'd like to get involved as a sponsor, visit our Sponsor Options page.

Our sponsors 

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Hammonds Glamping is family & dog friendly with lots to do on-site & close by. Set in West Horsley, you can enjoy a break away in one of 10 furnished & unfurnished bell tents sleeping up to 6 people. 

Stephen Isaac, a Horsley farmer, family man and proud Guildford Jazz Choir member, found a way to use his land to bring friends and families together in a safe outside space.

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Our supporters

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"I am delighted to see your choir project is progressing so well. It will be great to see all the choirs together in June"

Mayor of Godalming, Councillor - Shirley Faraday

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Modern Classic Digital work with a broad spectrum of clients including brands, personalities, and events organisers. With a passion for everything creative, no challenge is too big and no project is too small. Simply put, if you want to succeed online then Modern Classic are the people to talk to.


Speaking about getting involved with ChoirBLAST, Barney Packer, Founder and Director of Modern Classic Digital, said:

“Modern Classic Digital is an agency that loves the arts and bringing communities together. When the opportunity to work with ChoirBLAST came up, it felt like an immediately positive collaboration that falls in line perfectly with our passions.

We’re looking forward to enhancing the online presence of ChoirBLAST through editorial coverage and SEO support to ensure the festival can be as amazing as it deserves to be."

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Daisy Sandwiches, established in 2004, is a family-run independent coffee shop within Godalming Railway Station. We create deliciously fresh and interesting sandwiches & salads, make excellent coffee & tea, bake wonderful cakes & savouries, and thoroughly enjoy ourselves while making our customers very happy!

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Our friends

So far, over 50 people have come forward as "friends" of ChoirBLAST! If you'd like to join them, please get in touch with us via email:

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